The Tool Shed

The Tool Shed is a collection of all the Tool House Rock sessions. This database classifies web3-native tools by improvement areas & Alignment Artifacts.

Table of Contents

<aside> 🧰 Tool Matrix - Description of each tool, potential use cases, and contact info


<aside> 👷‍♂️ Improvement Area Table - Tools are sorted by relevant improvement areas


<aside> 📜 Alignment Artifacts Table - Tools are sorted by relevant Alignment Artifacts


How it Works

Imagine you need an on-chain voting tool. You would:

  1. Read through the Tags column of the Tool Matrix
  2. Discover Tally is a tool for on-chain voting
  3. Learn more in the Description and Maker Use Case columns using the Expanded View
    1. (see Forum Post for additional info and Youtube video)
  4. Get in touch using the Contacts column.

Or maybe your goal is to improve security. You would:

  1. Find the tools listed in the Security row of the Improvement Area table
  2. Learn more about Orbis and Hypernative using the Tool Matrix

*If you need help finding a tool please comment or contact the Ecosystem Cluster.

Tool Matrix

Improvement Area Table

Improvement Area Tool
Governance Omnistrat, Common Ground, Wonderverse, Otterspace, Govrn, Hypernative, Tally, Llama
Community Building Common Ground, Otterspace, Orbis, ThriveCoin, Questbook
Collaboration Omnistrat, Common Ground, Wonderverse, Orbis, Govrn, Tally
Transparency Bubblemaps, Wonderverse, Tally, Llama, Questbook
Security Orbis, Hypernative, Llama
Scalability Omnistrat, ThriveCoin, Questbook
Education Bubblemaps, Common Ground, CryptoTaxCalculator
User Experience Common Ground, Orbis, Questbook
Integration ThriveCoin, CryptoTaxCalculator
Cost CryptoTaxCalculator
Legal and Regulatory Compliance Hypernative, CryptoTaxCalculator
Innovation Wonderverse
Impact Govrn, Hypernative, Questbook

Tools are categorized by their most relevant improvement areas. This does not exclude them from applying to the other improvement areas.

Alignment Artifact Table

Alignment Artifact Tool
Stability Hypernative
Support Common Ground, Wonderverse, Otterspace, Govrn, Tally, CryptoTaxCalculator, Llama, Questbook
Protocol Wonderverse, Hypernative, Tally, ThriveCoin, Questbook
Accessibility Omnistrat, Bubblemaps, Common Ground, Wonderverse, Otterspace, Orbis, ThriveCoin, Llama, Questbook
Core Resiliency Omnistrat, Otterspace, Hypernative, Tally, Llama

Tools are categorized by their most relevant Alignment Artifacts. This does not exclude them from applying to the other Alignment Artifacts.

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