List of Concepts:

Plug and Play Protocols: Open source protocol features that can be developed by Ecosystem Actors ****for a fee.

Workforce Bonus Pool: A pool initially consisting of MetaDAO tokens that is distributed based upon MetaDAO token governance to incentivize the creation and maintenance of MetaDAOs.

Workforce Bonus: MKR that is utilized to compensate Delegates, Council, and Core Unit members.

Vault Engine: Regulates the amount of Dai that may be minted by vaults on L2s or vaults operated by MetaDAOs.

Unified Coordination Toolkit (UCT): Open-source software that is utilized as a transparency and governance reporting tool as well as a collaboration tool.

Target Rate (TR): Goal for the rate at which the target price of Dai changes over time.

Supporting Scopes: Scope Category that includes Protocol Engineering, Growth, Physical Resilience, Infrastructure, Interface, and Finance.

MetaElixir: Liquidity pool consisting of MetaDAO tokens and MKR.

MetaDAO Tokens: ERC-20 tokens used to participate in MetaDAO governance.

MetaDAO Frontends: Frontends that allow users to interact with a MetaDAO. The frontends include several standard functions and design elements.

MetaDAO Farms: Mechanism to distribute MetaDAO tokens as rewards to Dai holders, Maker Governance participants, and EtherDai vault users.

MetaDAOs: Entity within the Maker Ecosystem that functions as self-sustaining DAOs. MetaDAOs maintain a synergistic relationship with Maker Core.

Stance: Set of rules during Endgame that determine the type of collateral backing Dai as well as the value of Dai.

Stability Fee Base Rate (SFBR): Interest rate which is added to the stability fee rate of some or all vaults.

Stability and Liquidity Scope: Secondary Scope that includes Cashlike RWA portfolio management, target rate management, and protocol owned vault management.

Scope Framework: Set of regulations governing all activities under a Scope.

Scope: Broad focus area of work within which MetaDAOs, Ecosystem Actors and Maker Governance operate.

Sagittarius Engine: Module that allows MKR delegators to farm MetaDAO tokens and open vaults using delegated MKR as collateral.

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