What is The Maker Constitution?

The Maker Constitution is a top-level MIP that aims to codify several every aspect of Maker’s purpose, culture, and operations into referenceable rules for Maker Governance to follow. It is indexed as MIP101.

The Maker Constitution restructures the 3 layers of Maker (protocol, governance, and ecosystem) into well defined and supported areas.

MIP101 also defines specific actors, documents, protocol features, and tokenomics to create alignment points between culture, purpose, and operations.

The Maker Pregame Constitution then details the processes and rules which manifests the game theory that leverages the alignment points. Or the concept of Alignment Engineering.

Priority Level


Impact Level


Why the project is needed in Endgame?

The Maker Constitution is the foundation for the Endgame Plan. Read more about how it enables the organization into an “Endgame-ready State” in Endgame 101.

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