Meet Maker.

MakerDAO is a historic project with its origins dating back prior to the genesis of the Ethereum Protocol. The DAO, Maker’s products, and its community have gone through several evolutions.

To begin understanding the engineering behind Endgame, its best to first view MakerDAO as three key components:

Operating as a Foundation, the Maker organization manifested a powerful protocol and the foundation for a DAO.

Operating as a DAO, MakerDAO unleashed a massive Governance R&D campaign exploring ways to manage the protocol and the introduction to an ecosystem.

Operating as an Ecosystem, the Maker system looks to reach it’s true potential as a public good by fortifying it’s core and welcome in Endgame.

What is an Endgame….?

An “endgame” is the final stage of an extended process or course of events.

♟️Endgames are more easily understood when observing grandmasters play a game of chess.

Grandmasters have memorized optimal moves based on the positions of pieces on the board. This means the majority of games open with a combination of ‘planned moves’ or predetermined sequences to begin a game and position a player to win.

Over time, grandmaster matches have expanded their ‘planned moves’ from 5 to 10 moves to over 25 moves in sequence - with higher ranking grandmasters utilizing longer sequences.

Endgame evolves Maker’s protocol, governance, and ecosystem layers into an Endgame-ready state - creating consistent, mature, and resilient extended processes for all focus areas of the organization.

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